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Outbound Contact Center

CC Tegsoft Campaign Management
Tegsoft with CCR Campaign Management Empower customer dialogue.
Located in the tegsoftcc'n A Predictive Outbound Campaign Management Module and deliver IVR and Outbound Module
• saves time by performing automatic external calls to your meeting as well as metric can reduce your costs.
• You can get customer feedback survey by performing applications.
• You can give your customers about your new service and service allows you to direct your conversation with your customers who are interested mt.
• Missed calls as you can define your campaign and increase your customer satisfaction by providing automated outbound calls return with you trying to reach your customers.
Predictive Outbound Module
Tegsoftcc, follow all external calls made in your mt ensures that customer information reported as external calls. You can also automate the search and Predictive Outbound Module designed for you to save time.
With this module, the external calls will automatically start and is included in customer phone calls started at MTs. This feature helps you both time as well as minimizing the cost of calls.
Predictive Outbound Module does not hold the phone to meet your customers with an MTA does not listen to music. Start a conversation with your customers as soon as the phone is switched on mt. It also estimates based on this system working meeting your customer service representative will estimate the time it will end and performs other search so that maximum efficiency is obtained from the customer service representative call automatically shut down when the new call.
Outbound IVR Module
Tegsoftcc Predictive Outbound Module can search focused as MTA, the MTA will be specified without providing the operation of the automatic calls can also start the scenario.
Your customers can be played disclosure announcements calling, touch and studies provided by different transitions to announce scenario, do the scoring and give regular answers to survey questions may be asked.
Tegsoftcc with automatic dialing in accordance with the conditions and capacity can be started when you specify; You can perform analysis with detailed reports.