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TTS(Text to Speech)

Tegsoft®, which was presented by TTS Integration, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), enabling you to convert text to audio on the service you have given,

Those registered in the System Name / Company Name and so on. By meeting with the reading of the identification information,

With fully customized messages;

Name surname

City-County-mail address

Billing information transmission

appointment Reminder

Reminder allows transactions to be carried as debt.

Through the integration TTS, given the audio files to be created separately for each of the requested information, the installation process should not the system, the information shall only be required to be entered as text.

By this method,

You can create a dynamic data structure for rapid variability,

Create a separate file for each alarm information can be saved from the cost,

Easy-to-use interface, allowing it to be transmitted over the voice of the fast desired message