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Field Service and Manpower Management

It is a budget application where budget processes are developed on the basis of a standard over Oracle Hyperion Planning platform, and which contains ready-to-use screens and reports fit to your needs.

What are Advantages of KoçSistem Budgeting Package?

  • With the Alfacom  Budgeting Package, you may plan all financial processes of your company rapidly, flexibly and in a standard format.
  • You may own the Alfacom Budgeting Package, defining the standards of budget processes and presented to you in a ready-to-use format, at a low cost and under appropriate payment conditions, thus saving money.
  • You will be able to quickly reflect onto your budget all changes made in the processes.
  • By effecting data entries through ready-to-use standard screens, you will be able to minimize the margin of error, as all calculations and formulas are already defined therein.
  • As all managerial financial reports have already been integrated into the package, you may separately and comparatively report the budget, actual and estimation processes, and may clearly see the different budgets created by different assumptions, as well as the deviations and differences between these budgets.