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Tegsoft IP PBX

TegsoftPBX is a complete audio and video communication solution which provides to communicate with advanced and easy to use interfaces like IP Phone, Video Phone, Softphone and Webphone. System supports standart communication protocols like PRI, BRI, UMTH and VOIP and allows you to communicate at low cost.

TegsoftPBX provides a cost-free, uninterrupted and secure communication between branch offices with the support of VOIP. Easy installation process and low maintenance costs help to work smoothly for many years. All phones in the system communicate with the center. When a new phone is connected to the network, registration procedure will be automatically completed and it will become ready to use.

TegsoftPBX supports 25 different languages. Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic are some of the languages supported by the system. All management and reporting interfaces are designed as web-based. There is no need to install any programs to the client computers with the help of Web-based architecture. This architecture makes the user experience as simple as navigating in any web site.

TegsoftPBX can be easily scaled up from several subscribers to a few thousand subscribers with the support of server redundancy and distributed architecture. In case of a failure, system ensures the continuity of the communication from another server or location with the support of  in-place and geo-redundancy features.