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Sitelink is a solution which remotely controls, tracks and manages all of your critical base station sub-systems. Sitelink is composed of two main constituents: Sitelink Remote Control Unit and Sitelink Management Center. These constituents provide an easy-to-control powerful tool by combining hundreds of tasks in a single system. In the emerging system, you may determine critical levels for alarms, and download the past data, and track the trends, and follow up the instant input-output data of your systems.

Sitelink remotely controls and tracks energy use, security systems, ventilation, base station entries and many other systems.

What are Advantages of Sitelink?

  • You may control and track all safety and security sub-systems in each base station.
  • You will prominently reduce the maintenance visits to and maintenance costs of base stations.
  • You may detect any event before it becomes a problem, and may further reduce the energy consumption through tracking of such indicators as temperature and humidity at all times.