About Us

Avaya firm, within the Nortel has built a structure that can offer ALFACOM both companies a new way to the confluence of the products and services map of the boundaries of innovative solutions with a wide range of products to customers within after Corporate Solutions added.

Previously many years, Nortel Netas important and high value-added projects located ALFACOM, that after the restructuring of Avaya's open standards, communication-based business systems with efficient and targeted to the success of its customers in accordance with the real-time communication vision of producing intelligent solutions, commission and that the service continues to operate as a partner.

Business applications I ALFACOM that integrate the phone system, a powerful ecosystem to create the idea of ​​the independent partnership from each other, combined with the present strategy in a strong market to redefine the sound and eliminates the barriers between information-information systems with the phone.

ALFACOM, the approach based on an advanced vision system with a new generation of enterprise field AVAYA shorten business processes teknojileri offers to its customers. In this context, the proposed solutions integrated voice, data, video systems, Avaya Aura Series SIP-based communications platform, Nortel Meridian and CS1000 series of telephone exchanges, small-scale IP PBX systems for SMEs, IP telephony, Avaya Aura Call Center systems and applications, running on the server Asterix-based call center and IP PBX systems, WLAN and DECT cordless telephone systems, fiber optic digging and cabling work, structured cabling, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network equipment, intelligent solutions such as video conferencing systems.

ALFACOM our company first began commercial operations in 2000 as AlphaCom Nigeria Communications Limited. It was the first mission of the company has been established in the period to give major oil and gas industry, sales of telecommunications systems and services in the post. AlphaCom any corporate fields in the developing process, telecommunications, Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN / WAN), constituting the solution with transmission equipment and created solutions to after-sales service activities has become a company managed easily be carried out.

My experiences at the same time in 2004 in order to assess in Turkey ALFACOM Communication Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. It has been established.

IP experience in the telecommunications sector, PBX, IP telephony, IVR, which improves on the WFM and audio recording systems also rose to a partner position that offers support services with their team for all of them make up the solution with Avaya systems to one call center requirements where and created this solution . Our company meets its customers by establishing a service structure has a Technical Services Agreement with Avaya service requirements at the highest level. ALFACOM, in the technical sense is having a team that is always ready Avaya certified.

ALFACOM is a company with an ISO 9001-2000 certified and monitored by American Systems Registrar