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Avaya IP PBX

Avaya IP PBX
Avaya with different applications, from hardware to software, compact communications solutions with Avaya IP Office and BCM Business Communication Manager, small and medium-sized companies, their unique communication needs are systems designed to meet effective cost. This phone systems, unified messaging, ensuring mobility regardless of location, control and routing of calls, cost-effective solution offers to companies in need of IP telephony.

    Avaya, the future growth potential of small and medium-sized proposes to işletem Integral Enterprise system. Said system can be changed with a flexible modular structure, besides high performance, cost-effective communication also emerges as a solution.

    Avaya Integral Enterprise system, analogue, ISDN or VoIP connections, such as trunk connections are also supported with a hybrid structure, which enable the simultaneous use of both technologies.

    ALFACOM by detecting over your needs with our professional staff, Avaya's voice with data and video communications system, you create a technological infrastructure that meets the most appropriate for your present needs, but also technical support with ALFACOM assured, you will always help to provide maintenance and management services.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office "Version 5" with more scalability, business continuity and productivity of SMEs as well as the convenience of unified communications and customer service.

Small and medium-sized businesses that provide ease of communication Avaya IP Office solution is offered in six task-oriented; 'customer service representatives', 'remote working' and 'mobile-workers' tasks, such as those adapted for communication solutions tailored to the needs employees. With this approach, small businesses no longer have to choose between alternatives in front of many applications, they will get rid of choosing the right communications solution for the mess.

Many installation options, a single higher capacity hardware platformunda1 combines Avaya IP Office has renewed in this regard. Earlier systems supporting up to 272 people in this new version, removing 384 people, the scalability of the IP Office systems to businesses in growth and improved ease of use. In addition, the conference capacity increased from one to two 64 attend.

Small and medium-sized specialized in business and industry research and consulting firm AMI Partners' Senior Vice President, Deepind Stage, "Understanding Small and medium-sized enterprises and the use they are needed solution that easily." He said. "With IP Office Release 5's launch, the configuration of Avaya communication services, presentations and facilitated the transmission format. This new task-oriented solutions, allows them to meet the needs of customers from the more advanced way of recognizing business partners, have reinforced the product features like expanded conferencing are especially attractive among the factors that makes. "

Avaya IP Office durability and Streamer for SMEs with application Rises on

Avaya may also provide SMEs operating in multiple locations more efficient and reliable operation continuity. A corporate office with the help of Avaya IP Office Release 5, using servers in different locations IP network - including phones and voicemail system - even during power supply interruption can be kept alive. For example, if electricity is interrupted, the system is automatically another IP Office point to re-enroll may be, so increasing the network's durability, eliminating the need for a backup system work kept idle for continuity being removed, installation and labor costs are reduced.

Avaya IP Office also improves productivity applications in the field of unified communications and customer service offers. Even a 'thin client' no longer able to access the service through the Web. Web use of the device and the user's main communication tools to facilitate access to both system administrators to manage them on the circuit.

One designed for between PC and communication portal with Avaya IP Office one-X web-based as Portal also found applications, real-time call control to employees, and provide presence and call recording features with better communication facilities.

Additionally, Avaya IP Office installation, updating and use of which it is easier - again accessed via the web - offers a call center reporting application in the market. Customer Call Reporter, while pursuing the development of its customer service and the efficiency of customer service representative, which enables administrators to take immediate action when problems can also benefit from the alarm system. Customer Call Reporter with customer representatives where they are compared to the average performance of the team, while visible, managers are representative of the number of customers registered in the system, incoming, pending and even falling can follow up calls.

Avaya Communcation Manager

Communication with Branch
Avaya, retail chains and financial services organizations such as multiple locations with companies to organize their operations, reduce costs, and helps to strengthen the working of infrastructure. Avaya provides critical business communications and access roads to the application.

Avaya solutions, hundreds, or even thousands of locations supports the communication interfaces between systems. Avaya, a wide range of communications applications to branch provides full operational communications for both branches and call centers. In addition, Avaya B5800 Branch Gateway supports placing components such as central or regional in a single platform.

Avaya, starting with the business needs of your company, designs and helps distributed communication architecture. This business practices of IP telephony infrastructure or applications as well as with the development includes the construction of a unified communications. In addition, we offer financing options to keep costs manageable.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Costs

Avaya support costs by 40% software maintenance costs and long-distance telephone costs by 20% to 35%, can help reduce.

The advantage of connecting your branch centers providing labor

Unified communications solutions, employees can share expertise across branches. Found in Meslektaşlarınatavsiye, regardless of location or may serve to direct customers.

Improve your customer service

Advanced call management, fewer missed calls and faster response times and reporting means the şubefaaliyet, allows employees to respond quickly to changing customer needs.

Simplify your infrastructure

Keep maintenance costs low, improve scalability, and streamline your infrastructure across branches to make your business more responsive and standardize.

Delivery options taken

Using Avaya Aura ®, a fully distributed network of branches, go to a centralized approach. Avaya B5800 Branch Gateway supports multiple deployment options



UC is the convergence of real-time or non-business communications applications. These applications include telephone, teleconferencing, e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, video, mobile devices and web-based clients.

SIP-based communication platform that combines complex communications networks, which are at the center of Avaya Aura Unified Communications portfolio. Proven benefits include reducing infrastructure costs, centralized collaboration and customer relationship applications that install easily Avaya Aura also provides advantageous upgrade options to existing Nortel voice and UC customers.

The value of Avaya Aura, Avaya Agile Communications Environment (ACE), is expanding with. ACE, Service-Oriented Architecture (Service Oriented Architecture) and allows faster development of communications-based applications using Web Services.

Employees redundant processor architecture Avaya NES CS1000 IP communications platforms, advanced applications, with different IP phone option, unified messaging (CallPilot system, interactive voice response, voice message retrieval, fax and desktop application integration feature), SIP trunking, SIP subscribers based can be used for video communication multimedia features, offers a reliable structure for the communication needs of organizations with Microsoft OCS integration.

Avaya Communication Manager (ACM) Linux-based, modular structure through IP, allowing operation in different locations of the digital and analog communication devices, and the call control function that can be executed from the center, the hybrid structure is an IP-PBX platforms. ACM every scale will be the user's need for advanced communications infrastructure and applications that have their own, H323 / SIP // ISDN PRI, if desired, with connections such as conservation and existing investments by connecting to other plants of the company, but also provides advantages in the transition to IP technology, besides high performance is a communication server .

ALFACOM Avaya companies of different communications systems and applications for pre-sale information sharing, then for communication needs with expert technical support and maintenance team offers you the most appropriate solutions.

About Avaya
Avaya offers Intelligent Communications solutions that enable companies to gain market advantage. Located in FORTUNE500® list including more than 90% of companies, institutions with more than one million IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Center and Avaya solutions for Communications prefer Enabled Business Processes. Avaya Global Services provides comprehensive service and support for companies of all sizes.

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